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Le Théâtre de l'Heure Bleue (The Blue Hour Theatre) is a puppet theatre company based in Brussels, founded by Laura Elands,

an alumni of the 10th promotion of ESNAM (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette) in Charleville-Mézières, France.

It expresses its artistic identity through a visual and sensorial theatre of puppet figures and materials.

The experience of feeling is revealed, sensations that live within us, bodily and emotional, that are difficult to put into words and go beyond logic.

This approach is conveyed through a visual art language, made up of various materials, which is articulated in space and time on the stage, creating 'paintings' that evolve over time. These images can evoke memories and lead to associations, they touch upon a universal symbolism and an individual understanding in relation to one's own sensitivity.

The blue hour is a peculiar hour. It is the time between day and night, and between night and day, a magical time when the sky is filled with a deep blue. For only a few minutes, the birds sing. It is a time of end and beginning, the noise and movement of the day cease but it is not yet night. The moon is already appearing, but the stars have not yet been revealed. It is an interval that allows a moment of reflection, to look within and find stillness.