“Laura has captured the complexity, creativity and often beauty that so often is a part of this very complex mental health condition. Her ability to hold the audience through her subtle use of puppetry, capturing the cause and effect of extreme childhood abuse without alienating her audience shows a deep understanding and magical interweaving of her creative ability. She has managed to underpin the whole performance with the on-going terror that severely abused children live with the whole time. I thank her for bringing the reality of this subject to so many more people and her determination to learn about and represent it so well.” 

- Melanie Goodwin, chair of First Person Plural, a national survivor-led association for Dissociative Identity Disorder and similar complex dissociative conditions

A performance that calls upon shadow puppetry to explore different mental states caused by dissociative identity disorder.

Directed and performed by Laura Elands

Sound by Lex Kosanke

Performed in different theatres across London, including the Roundhouse Theatre.