an exploration of our relationship with our natural surroundings

AUBE (provisional title)

in progress


puppetry, material and visual performance

All ages from 6 years and up

no words


Directing and performance : Laura Elands

Assisting stage director: Émilie Parmentier​

Lighting design: Léo Monvoisin

Sound design: Boris Vandystadt


Aube (dawn) is a performance project which has the intention of exploring our human relationship with our natural surroundings.


The project is inspired by concepts of animism to create a performance expressed through puppetry, material and shadow theatre.


Today there is a 'new' animism which puts forward a communication that goes beyond words: it's non rational, non-logical. It really goes through the senses, through the intelligence of the body.

Therefore, the body can be considered as a threshold, through which we experience and come into contact with the world and the beings that surround us.


At a time when the ecological crisis is worsening, I am interested in creating a performance that will encourage people to deepen their sensorial experiences and to have a more active participation with the world through their senses.


It is around these thoughts that I am developing a scenic language that will express sensations of natural elements created in a visual aesthetic through the use of textile art.


Overall, the intention is to offer the audience a poetic and soothing experience, like a visual meditation they can take away with them and nurture within their mind.